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Campaigning begins on October 5th

As of October 5th, 2022, campaigning for New Student Elections is underway! If you are a candidate, please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations listed on our website.

If you notice any violations of these rules, please fill out this form and/or email Given the influx of messages, we will respond as soon as possible in the order the complaints are received.

About UBE

UBE Logo

The UBE was established in the Fall of 2003 to further the aims of student self-governance within a community of trust and honor and to supervise all University-wide student elections. These include elections for organizations such as Student Council, the Honor Committee, the University Judiciary Committee, and School Councils. The UBE is responsible for setting the semesterly elections calendar and for maintaining the ballot of the University’s on-line voting system. Membership in the UBE is open to all students and is obtained through an application process each year. If you require further information about the University Board of Elections and cannot find it on our website, please contact us.

Spring 2022 Election Results

Student Council President: Cecilia Cain

Student Council Vice-President for Administration: Jaden Evans

Student Council Vice President for Organizations: Riley Reynolds

Fourth Year Trustees President: Sophia Liao

Third Year Council President: Kyle Woodson

Second Year Council President: Christopher Joseph

College of Arts & Sciences Honor Representatives: Hamza Aziz, Hannah Shapiro, Gabrielle Bray, Lauren McDowell, Ellie Wilkie

College of Arts & Sciences UJC Representatives: Peyton Hamlett, Lisa Kopelnik, Nabeel Raza

College of Arts & Sciences Student Council Representatives: Gabriela Hernandez, Princess Olubuse-Omisore, Lillian Rojas, Violette Cadet, Katie Cruz, Amanda Chok, Ryan Coon, Tyler Busch, Andreas Masiakos, Taylor Willson, Qais Youssef, Nickolaus Cabrera

UJC Question 1: An Amendment to Increase the Number of Judiciary Representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences from Three (3) to Five (5):  Passed

HONOR Question 1: Sanctioning Reform: Passed

The full 2022 General Election Results can be accessed here


SEP 4: Join UBE!

Applications for UBE are live! This organization is a great way to get involved in the University community, exercise civic responsibility, and meet new people. The Board is made up of a variety of different positions, so there is an avenue of interest for all students at the University.

If you are interested, our application is here! It closes September 10th. Join UBE and take an active role in your University!

MAR 2: Voting Opens Today!

Voting for the Spring University-Wide Elections will begin on Wednesday, March 2nd at 10:00am and remain open through Friday, March 4th at 4:00pm.

In order to vote, you can either:
  • Click on your personalized link that every UVA student will receive via email on March 2nd.
  • Click the orange “Vote” button in the navigation bar.
MAR 1: Cavalier Daily Releases Honor and Student Council Executive Endorsements

Due to the Student Council debate and Honor town hall, the Cavalier Daily delayed releasing endorsements for Honor Committee and Student Council Executive positions. These endorsements have since now been submitted to UBE and can be viewed by accessing this link.

FEB 27: Upcoming Events!

UBE has partnered with the Cavalier Daily to host two exciting events before voting starts:

  • Monday, February 28th, at 7:00 PM: The Cavalier Daily will be hosting its annual Student Council debate between all Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. The form to submit audience questions can be found here and the event will be live-streamed on the Cavalier Daily’s Facebook page.
  • Tuesday, March 1st, at 7:00 PM: The Cavalier Daily will be holding a town hall to discuss the current Honor referendum and its proposed reforms. Comments may be submitted using this form and the event is accessible via this Zoom link.
FEB 24: Endorsements Released!

Nine different organizations endorsed candidates in the Spring 2022 election cycle. You can view these endorsements by downloading this PDF.

FEB 7 - Endorsing Organization Info Session this Friday!

If you wish to become an official endorsing organization for the Spring 2022 election cycle, please send a representative to our mandatory endorsing organization info session this Friday at 5:00 PM in New Cabell 489. Organizations that attend will be given access to the required registration form. 

FEB 4 - Eligibility Quiz Closes this Sunday at 6:00 PM

Those interested in running in the Spring 2022 University-wide elections should complete the eligibility quiz by Sunday, Feb 6th, at 6:00 PM. Completion of this quiz is required in order to be sent the necessary registration form for the Spring 2022 ballot.

JAN 17 - Eligibility Quiz Now Open & Upcoming Information Sessions 

The eligibility quiz for the Spring 2022 election cycle is now open and can be found here. Additionally, UBE will be hosting three info sessions for candidates on Jan 19th, Jan 23rd, and Jan 30th. All sessions will be at 7:00 PM and locations can be found on this webpage. Candidates must complete either the eligibility quiz or attend an info session in order to register their candidacy. 

DEC 28 - Spring 2022 Elections Calendar Released

The University Board of Elections has recently approved its calendar for the upcoming Spring elections. Interested parties can view the calendar at this link.

MAR 25 - Join the University Board of Elections!

If you are interested in managing elections for UVA's 20,000+ student population or want to further the tradition of student self-governance, consider joining the University Board of Elections for the 2021-2022 school year. More information can be found here.

MAR 19 - Spring 2021 Election Results Released

Thank you to the more than 10,000 UVA students that voted in the Spring 2021 Elections. You can find the results of the elections and a statistical breakdown of the votes here or under "Spring 2021 Election Results" in the navigation bar.

MAR 19 - Election Prize Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 36 Election Prize Winners! Each winner's name was randomly selected from the pool of students who completed the entire Spring 2021 ballot. The full list of winners can be viewed here.

MAR 15 - Student Council Presidential Debate at 6 pm EDT

A discussion between Abel Liu and Gavin Oxley, this year's candidates for Student Council president at the University of Virginia. Hosted by The Cavalier Daily, the University Board of Elections, and the Democracy Initiative Student Advisory Council.

The event will be a virtual meeting live-streamed to The Cavalier Daily's Facebook page.

MAR 11 - Spring 2021 Candidate Endorsements

Check out the Spring 2021 Candidates Endorsements Guide, which lists the endorsements of candidates from CIOs such as BSA, CavDaily, LSA, and more!

2021 Endorsement Guide

MAR 9 - Election Prizes Announced!

This year has been hard on UVA students and the Charlottesville community. To help give back, everyone who completes every section of the ballot will have a chance to win over $1000 in prizes.

Read the full rules and disclaimers

OCT 7 - New Student Election Results!

Congrats to everyone that ran in the New Student Elections! You can find the results of the election for all 4 races at the link here.


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