Great election season! Thank you all for voting. 

Access results at: https://www.bigpulse.com/pollresults?code=1347343ycgfhRMgrCfSDzAcq84e

UBE Statement

In light of recent comments made pertaining to certain candidates on social media, UBE has issued the following statement:


We, the University Board of Elections, unequivocally condemn the recent racist and anti-black comments made on YikYak toward candidates. This language is unacceptable in elections and harms many students' efforts to promote open and productive political discourse on Grounds.


We will investigate these incidents and will work to ensure that our elections at UVA are safe and fair for everyone. We call on all candidates to ensure that they and everyone campaigning on their behalf treat all candidates with respect. To foster a culture of civic engagement and responsibility, we all must uphold the principles of respectful discourse and civility in our University community.



Luke Lamberson Zach Lederer

Alyssa Underwood Gavin Ryno

Jackson Jannell Amirah Radwan

Maggie Doyle Chaney Keck

Abdallah Aljerjawi Abigail Nickelson

Alli Baez DeVon Wade





A list of candidates can be found here!


2023 Spring Endorsements can be found here!


Voting is February 28th at 10:00am to March 2nd at 4:00pm.



About UBE

UBE Logo

The UBE was established in the Fall of 2003 to further the aims of student self-governance within a community of trust and honor and to supervise all University-wide student elections. These include elections for organizations such as Student Council, the Honor Committee, the University Judiciary Committee, and School Councils. The UBE is responsible for setting the semesterly elections calendar and for maintaining the ballot of the University’s on-line voting system. Membership in the UBE is open to all students and is obtained through an application process each year. If you require further information about the University Board of Elections and cannot find it on our website, please contact us.

Spring 2023 Election Results

Student Council President: Tichara Robertson Lewis

Student Council Vice-President for Administration: Holly Sims

Student Council Vice President for Organizations: Violette Cadet

Fourth Year Trustees President: Annie Zhao

Fourth Year Trustees Vice President: Karina Reynolds

Third Year Council President: James Edwards

Third Year Council Vice President: Liv Schortmann

Second Year Council President: Keoni Vega

Student Council Undergraduate Education Representative: Makana Brooks

Batten Undergraduate Council President: Elaine Stombres

Batten Undergraduate Council Vice President: Carolyn Grimm

Engineering Student Council President: Swathi Shekharan

UBE Referendum to Increase Board Size: Passed

Honor Referendum for Rehabilitative Multi Sanction Honor Constitution: Passed


FEB 28: Voting Begins

Your vote matters. Learn more about the candidates here. Spring 2023 Elections voting will be through BigPulse -- vote in 3 quick steps!

FEB 23: Endorsements Released!

The organizations endorsing candidates for the Spring 2023 election cycle will be released.

FEB 22: Deadline for Endorsing Organizations

The deadline for Endorsing Organizations to submit their endorsements of candidates is this Wednesday at 8pm. Submit endorsements to [email protected].

FEB 10 - Endorsing Organization Info Session this Friday!

If you wish to become an official endorsing organization for the Spring 2023 election cycle, please send a representative to our mandatory endorsing organization info session this Friday. Organizations that attend will be given access to the required registration form. 

JAN 29: First Info Session!

Learn more about the Candidate and Election Process at one of our three info sessions:

- January 29

- January 31

- February 1

Jan 3 - Spring 2023 Elections Calendar Released

The University Board of Elections has recently approved its calendar for the upcoming Spring elections. Interested parties can view the calendar at this link.


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