Candidate and Referenda Petition Signature Counts

Candidate and Referenda Petition Signature Counts

Below you'll find the number of petition signatures reached for each candidate and referendum. Please note that only eligible signatures will be reflected. 

 The page will be updated daily until the end of the petition signatures period (February 23rd).

Final Update: February 24th, 8:00am.

Student Council
Student Council President
Tichara Robertson Lewis 141
Vidar Hageman 184
Tenzin Lodoe 116
Student Council Vice President for Administration
Christopher Joseph 112
Maryam Virk 124
Holly Sims 115
Student Council Vice President for Organizations
Violette Cadet 112
Ryan Bowers 107
Fourth Year Trustees
Fourth Year Trustees President
Kyle Woodson 82
Fourth Year Trustees Vice President
Karina Reynolds 74


Third Year Council
Third Year President
Jake Beyer 33
James Edwards 69
Third Year Vice President
Liv Schortmann 43


Second Year Council
Second Year President
Karam Zein 29
Lex Beyer 25
Keoni Vega 26`
Second Year Vice President
Annie Zhao 32


College Council
College Council President
Catherine Schwarzschild 29
Engineering Student Council
Engineering Student Council President
Swathi Shekharan 29
Batten Undergraduate Council
Batten Undergraduate Council President
Sadie Hurst 25
Elaine Stombres 37