Candidate Petition Signature Counts

Candidate Petition Signature Counts

Below you'll find the number of petition signatures reached for each candidate. Please note that only eligible signatures will be reflected. 

Last updated 3/9/2021 7:24pm. The page will be updated around 9pm EST until the end of the petition signatures period.

Student Council
Student Council President
Abel Liu 256
Gavin Oxley 417
Student Council Vice President for Administration
Cecilia Cain 180
Student Council Vice President for Organizations
Ryan Cieslukowski 115
Fourth Year Trustees
Fourth Year Trustees President
Jennifer Lin 35
Chloe Lyda 30
Fourth Year Trustees Vice President
Emma Keller 27


Third Year Council
Third Year President
Anisa Mohamed 126
Sophia Liao 73
Third Year Vice President
Lara Arif 30


Second Year Council
Second Year President
Caleb Macey 27
Kyle Woodson 49
Second Year Vice President
Ben Koen 34
Jack Murphy 28
Karina Reynolds 39


College Council
College Council President
Isabelle Pruiett 0
Ian Smith 45
Nina Santana 0
Engineering Student Council
Engineering Student Council President
Golnar Mostashari 25
School of Architecture Council 
Architecture School Council President
Caitlin Kreinheder 19


Commerce Council
Commerce Council President
Max Nardi 7
Christopher Young 16
Ralph De Palma 28


Education Council
Education Council President
Batten Graduate Student Council
Batten Graduate Council President
Michael Pugh 13
Sarah Simba 11


Batten Undergraduate Council
Batten Undergraduate Council President
Edward (Ned) Flanagan 43


Nursing Student Council
Nursing Student Council President
Zahra Alisa 11