The 2022 Spring University-wide Elections will consist of elections for Student Council, Class Councils, School Councils, the Honor Committee, and the University Judiciary Committee (UJC).

Please note: Student Council, UJC, and Honor representatives for Darden are elected through a separate process by its respective school councils. Please contact the Darden school council ([email protected]) to learn more about its election process. Darden students interested in running for university-wide positions (e.g. Student Council President) should follow the UBE timeline outlined in the materials below.


If you are running for an office in the 2022 Spring University-wide Elections, please make sure to:



If you believe that a rule violation has occurred and would like to file a complaint, please fill out the following form:

Complaint Form


Please note that only the following positions require petition signatures:

100 Petition Signatures Required:

  • Student Council President
  • Student Council Vice President for Administration
  • Student Council Vice President for Organizations


25 Petition Signatures Required:

  • Fourth Year Trustees President
  • Fourth Year Trustees Vice President
  • Third Year President
  • Third Year Vice President
  • Second Year President
  • Second Year Vice President
  • College Council President
  • Engineering Student Council President


10 Petition Signatures Required:

  • Architecture School Council President
  • Commerce Council President
  • Education Council President
  • Batten Graduate Council President
  • Batten Undergraduate Council President
  • Nursing Student Council President


Please refer to the UBE Rules and Regulations for further information about the Petition Signature process.

If you have any questions, please email the University Board of Elections at [email protected].