The UBE allows CIOs and other University organizations to endorse candidates in University Student Elections. The UBE will list Endorsing Organizations alongside the candidates they choose to endorse in the Voting Guide (coming soon) and the online ballot.

Interested organizations should do the following:

1. Read this page fully

2. Review the 2024 UBE Endorsing Organizations Calendar

3. Register to become an Endorsing Organization using this link

4. Attend the MANDATORY information session on Friday, February 2nd at 2:00 PM at Newcomb 164I (Big Conference Room in the PAC)

Benefits and Requirements

The UBE endorsement process is designed to give organizations an opportunity to voice their approval for candidates in a public manner while maintaining standards to ensure equal opportunity for all candidates.

The advantages of becoming an officially recognized Endorsing Organization are:

  • Endorsement message appears on the UBE Voting Guide that all voters see at the ballot.
  • Opportunity to participate in public debates and forums.
  • Opportunity to make monetary and other contributions to candidates.
  • Opportunity to campaign on behalf of candidates (see UBE Rules and Regulations).
  • Gain public exposure for your organization and your ideas.
  • Join the conversation on issues important to the University and its students.

The UBE requires certain safeguards to maintain equal opportunity for Organizations and candidates:

  • Endorsing Organizations must attest to abide by the Rules and Regulations.
  • To ensure equal opportunity for all Organizations and candidates, the UBE will sponsor sessions during which eligible candidates may sign up for interviews with Endorsing Organizations.
  • Only candidates who are officially recognized by the UBE as candidates (i.e. registered online and submitted signed petitions) before the relavent deadlines, will be eligible for the Endorsing Process. 2024 Spring Elections Calendar
  • Although each Endorsing Organization is encouraged to exercise flexibility in how it determines its endorsements, the UBE requires that endorsements are made in a fair and judicious manner after giving candidates interview opportunities.
  • Each Endorsing Organization must submit Interim and Final Expenditure Reports detailing expenses on behalf of candidates.

The above is a summary of the benefits the process provides and the requirements that govern the process and is not necessarily comprehensive. Please see the Rules and Regulations or contact [email protected].

If you have any questions about the UBE’s endorsement process, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].