How to Vote

How to Vote

Note: This page will update periodically as the election season progresses.

Cast Your Vote in the 2020 University-Wide Elections!

Voting for the Spring University-Wide Elections will begin on Wednesday, February 26th at 10:00am. The link to vote will be posted on this site at that time. Polls will remain open through Friday, February 28th at 4:00pm.

Looking to be an Informed Voter?

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Important Voter Information:

The ballot is divided into 3 tiers: Student Council offices (President, VP for Organization, VP for Administration), year-specific offices (Second Year Class President, etc.), and school-specific offices (Nursing School Council President, etc.). Elections for representatives to the Honor Committee, University Judiciary Committee, and Student Council can be found in the school-specific tier. You do not have to vote for every position on the ballot at one time. For example, you can vote for the offices specific to your year and come back to finish the rest of the ballot at a later time. You should receive an email from the University Board of Elections confirming the positions and candidates for whom you have voted.

There are 2 different styles of voting, and the style is noted at the top of the ballot for each race:

  • “Rank Candidates in Order of Preference”: This is a single-winner race. However, you may cast sequential votes in order of preference. Your most preferred candidate should be numbered 1, second-most preferred numbered 2, and so on. Leave boxes blank for candidates you do not wish to endorse.
  • “Select Candidates”: This is a multiple-winner race. You are not ranking candidates, instead, you are choosing one candidate for each open seat. The number of open seats varies based on position and is listed right below the position name.


Winners will be announced on Friday, February 28th online at and an announcement ceremony will be held at 5:00pm in (location TBA), hosted by the University Board of Elections.

If you have questions about the 2020 elections, please email [email protected].

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